3 Advantages of Using Rubber Gaskets

If you install gaskets on your products, then you can use either metal or rubber materials. While metal gaskets are a good solution in some scenarios, rubber gaskets are often a better choice.

Why should you install rubber gaskets?

1. Rubber Gaskets Have a Natural Flexible Fit

Metal gaskets don't always give you a perfect fit or seal. These gaskets are hard and inflexible. You'll have to find a way to connect them effectively to your products.

So, for example, you might have to do more work on your products to prepare them for metal gaskets. You might need to add grooves or corrugations to create a fitted surface that the metal can grip more effectively.

Rubber gaskets are naturally flexible. Even hard rubber can bend without breaking.  So, these gaskets can stretch or compress themselves to fit into place. Once you've fitted a rubber gasket, it should create a tight and effective seal. You won't have to do extra work on your products to make rubber gaskets fit.

2. Rubber Gaskets Are Customisable

While you can use different metals to make your gaskets more resistant to their working conditions, your options might be limited here. You might not be able to find a metal that meets your exact needs.

Rubber gaskets are more customisable. You can use different rubbers in different conditions. You can also create special mixes to create gaskets with extra properties.

These elastomeric materials can use different compounds. For example, you can add stabilizers and reinforcing materials. You can create gaskets that have extra resistance to heat, chemicals, UV light, water and corrosion. Or, you can create products that meet regulatory requirements such as mandatory food-grade regulations.

You can also compound rubbers to change their elasticity. So, you can make gaskets that are soft and flexible or hard and strong. This helps you find products that can cope with movement, stress forces and pressure.

Gaskets that are tailored to their conditions perform better and last longer. Your customers will be happier with your products. They won't have to deal with early gasket failure and replacement.

3. Rubber Gaskets Are Cheaper

Rubber gaskets are typically cheaper to produce than metal alternatives. They have lower manufacturing and tooling costs as they don't need as much heat or pressure input when they are made.

Even if you buy customised products, your costs should be lower. This helps you keep your product costs at more competitive levels.

To learn more about these and other benefits, contact rubber gasket manufacturers or suppliers. 

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