Bacteria to Basics: How to Keep Farm Water Tanks Germ-Free

Whether your farm tanks hold water for crops or livestock, it's equally vital that they guard effectively against bacteria. Out in the blistering sun, any kind of bacteria growth is bound to spread quickly. Of course, any contamination would pose a problem — but it wouldn't take long for a small bacteria breach to turn into a bigger issue. However, this is not something that needs to be left to chance. In maintaining the tanks correctly, it's quite possible for you to prevent bacteria taking hold of your water tanks. Here's how.

Line the Tank

Although the tank itself should be steadfast, and likely is, you can add an extra layer of protection with a tank lining. This secondary barrier seals the water away from both the contaminants outside the tank and those on its inner surface. The lining should be checked on a semi-regular basis for areas of strain that may require repairs. However, it will need to be replaced every couple of years. You should contact a water tank specialist to find out whether your liner is ready for a replacement yet.

Tidy the Exterior

Sometimes, it may seem unnecessary to try and keep the exterior of your tanks clean. Farms are busy environments, and there are plenty of other priorities — but don't shut this out of your to-do list entirely. It's more important than you may think. A build-up of dust or dirt may obscure damaged and decaying areas of the tanks that require your attention. Equally, bacteria from this layer of muck may transfer inside the tank at weak spots such as joins or seals. To be safe, you should keep the tanks clean. Don't just use water, either; use cleaning products to sterilise them occasionally. You can also add a very small amount of bleach to the water itself.

Keep a Lid on It

Even if it seems inconvenient while you're topping up or using the water inside your tanks, ensure that you don't leave them open for any longer than you need to. Insects and airborne particles can get inside more quickly than you would like. This problem will far outweigh the time and energy you saved by leaving the lid off during use. Equally, exposing your water to sunlight will encourage algae growth; when kept in the dark, it cannot photosynthesise.

Of course, your tanks do not exist in a sterile environment, so it isn't possible to eliminate the threat of bacteria entirely, but these tips will certainly help to reduce the risk. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Tanks Direct.

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