5 Questions to Ponder on When Hiring a Crane Service

Hiring a crane is a necessity that many companies operating in industries such as construction and oil must consider. Purchasing and maintaining mobile cranes can be expensive, making hiring a good option.  With many hire companies out there, it will be important to ponder some things before signing that contract. Here are some of the questions that you should ask.

1.    How much experience does the leasing company have?

Experience is a factor that cannot be overlooked when hiring a crane. A preferable company should be one that has had extensive experience in many fields. It is an assurance that they can handle work in your field. Furthermore, the experience of the company will trickle down to its crane operators. At times you might lack the expertise of operating a crane, and therefore the leasing company should be able to assist you in this.

2.    What cranes selection do they have?

Based on your needs, you will need specific cranes for a given job. The company should have a fleet of mobile cranes that can tackle different loads to offer a wider selection. This is important because in a construction industry, you will take on jobs with different magnitudes. This will mean that you should be able to work with small or large cranes based on the job at hand.

3.    Do they offer repairs?

Big machines such as cranes should have repair work done by the leasing company. This is fair because the company knows the ins and outs of their own machine and should be able to provide this vital service to you after you hire the crane.

4.    Do they offer storage for the machine?

If you are working at a site that does not offer enough storage for such a crane, can the leasing company offer you this? It is important because in most cases, places such as constructions sites will have very limited space, and it will be better if the crane can be safely stored by the company.

5.    Can they give you a bid?

In most cases, you also have prepared a bid in order to win a project that will require crane services. They shouldn't have a problem helping you with a bid, as it is a win-win situation. This will go a long way in determining how much your budget would be.

In summary, before hiring a crane, you need to ponder over these important questions and select a rental company that is ready to assist you to get the job and get it done expertly, on budget and on time. The more insights you gather, the easier your job will be.

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