Weld Done: The Advantages Of Choosing On-Site Welding Services For Construction Projects

Whether you're constructing a simple bungalow or a towerng high-rise, having access to skilled and efficient welding technicians is essential for installation of structural steel, ventilation ducts and other vital components. However, having all of your welding work done by outside contractors can be a logistical nightmare, and the necessity of transporting finished welded materials to your construction site can lead to expensive, schedule-wrecking delays.

For these reasons and many others, more and more construction contractors are making use of on-site welding service. These services bring all the necessary tools, equipment and personnel straight to your job site, and have many advantages over off-site welding services:

Decreased transportation costs

Transporting finished welded components to a construction site can be difficult, especially when it comes to larger components, such as structural beams, which may require expensive specialised transport vehicles to move from place to place. By keeping welding technicians on-site, components can be transported to your site in pieces and assembled in-place, a much more efficient process that reduces transportation costs significantly and allows components to be transported via conventional means.

Quicker turnover

Transporting pre-assembled metal components to your site from off-site facilities can also lead to significant delays while you wait for essential components to be delivered, and many a construction project has ground to a halt while workers wait for a single, vital component to arrive. By choosing on-site welding services, you ensure that your components are ready to be installed as soon as they are assembled, helping you keep on top of tight work schedules.

Personal oversight

Another advantage of having your welding work performed on-site is that it allows you and your foremen to personally oversee the welding work being undertaken. This helps you ensure that the work is completed to the high standards necessary for modern construction work, and gives you a direct point of contact with your chosen service if welding work falls behind schedule or is not completed to the standards you require.


Very few construction projects ever go exactly to plan, and circumstances may force you to modify your welding requirements after work has already commenced. These last-minute modifications are much easier to achieve if you choose an on-site welding service, as you will be able to immediately inform the service of the change in plans and provide them with modified plans, blueprints etc. 

One service, one job

Off-site welding and fabrication services often take on several contracts at one time, and you may find that assembly of your components is delayed while they deal with contracts for other construction sites. By choosing an on-site contractor, you ensure that your welders are focused solely on your needs, and will not be sidetracked or delayed by the changing needs of other developers.

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