Commercial AC Unit: Four Considerations for Appliance Repair or Replacement

Commercial air conditioners are built and designed to provide businesses with long-term cooling service. However, these appliances are not invulnerable. In simple terms, the AC units will experience gradual deterioration due to age, damage or lack of maintenance. If your AC is ailing due to any of these problems, it is critical for you to either perform repairs or replace the system. Here are some crucial factors to help you decide which method of commercial air conditioning restoration is suitable for your business.

Current Appliance Age

You should know the current age of your AC system if you are not sure whether to repair or replace. Typically, there is an estimated lifespan linked to every cooling appliance. If your unit is within the expected period of natural 'death', you should plan for replacement. If the AC is relatively new, you can perform repairs to restore functionality. If you are uncertain about the estimated lifespan for your appliance, you should contact the manufacturer or an HVAC contractor for information.

Maintenance History

The lifespan of your AC unit will depend on the service history of the appliance. Simply speaking, you can extend or reduce the duration of function through excellent or poor maintenance practices respectively. If you have upheld proper servicing work during your period of ownership, your appliance components will be in exceptional condition. Therefore, you can restore the unit by repairing because the damage will probably be localised. If your AC has been neglected, extensive repairs might be required. So, you should consider replacement.

Broken Components

You should evaluate the specific damaged components before deciding on repair or replacement. Some AC parts are easy and cheap to repair while others will be costly. Therefore, you should know the exact area which is causing the appliance to malfunction. If the problem is straightforward such as bad electrical connections, you can perform quick repairs. However, if one of the major components such as the compressor is damaged, you should consider replacement. Often, the cost of core AC parts is high, making replacement a cheaper alternative. 

Operational Costs

You should think about the operational costs of your air conditioning system. If your current running expenses are high, you should think about taking the opportunity to replace the appliance. In simple terms, old AC units are inefficient in their design and construction. Therefore, they draw a lot of electrical power, contributing to high bills. If you purchase a modern energy-efficient option, you will reduce your long-term operational costs, offsetting the initial buying price. 

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