What You Need to Know When Selecting a Boom Lift

 Are you planning to hire a boom lift for an upcoming project? Read this article to obtain helpful information that will enable you to select the right type of boom lift for your project.

Articulating boom lifts

Articulating boom lifts refer to aerial lifts that have several jointed sections. Those sections articulate or hinge to give you access to work areas that have barriers and obstacles. This type of boom lift is ideal for working in confined spaces because many of them are so compact that the turntable does not exceed the limits of the chassis during turns.

Jibs on these articulating boom lifts also enable the aerial lift to have an extended vertical reach when the need arises. The only potential drawback of these boom lifts is that their horizontal reach may be limited in favour of greater vertical range.

Telescoping boom lifts

The second type of boom lift that you can consider for your project is the telescoping boom lift. It is often called a stick boom due to its straight appearance. Unlike articulating boom lifts that have jointed sections that are arranged one after the other, telescoping boom lifts have sections that are arranged inside one another. The boom lift sections then extend or retract to help you to access a target work area.

The advantage of this type of boom lift is that it gives you greater flexibility in terms of vertical and horizontal reach. Consequently, the lift can be stationed outside a building so that its boom can extend far into the building. The telescoping boom lift is also the best boom lift to use when there are no obstacles at the site. Obstacles make it hard for the boom to be fully extended since it cannot weave its way around those barriers like articulating boom lifts can.

Another benefit of these boom lifts is that they are quicker at getting employees and materials to the job site when compared to hinged boom lifts. This speed of deployment may be because the operator does not have to watch or control each section of the boom lift as it is being extended. They only have to make sure that the path of the boom is clear while the telescoping sections are extending.

Based on these features, each type of boom lift is better suited to a different set of conditions at the particular site. The best approach is to discuss your needs and site characteristics with a boom lift hire expert so that you can be advised about the best option for your project.

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