Industrial Irrigation: 4 Must-Have Accessories

If you industrial unit uses an irrigation system to provide water to moving parts, or to the factory floor as a dust control measure, you will want to be sure that it is set-up in the best possible configuration. A poorly designed or set-up industrial irrigation system may use more water than is needed, pushing up your utility bills. A poorly designed system could also not deliver enough water, which could result in injury to your staff or damage to your machinery. Below is a guide to the components which can help your industrial irrigation system operate efficiently. 

Pressure gauges

The pressure gauge supplied as standard with your irrigation system may not be very sensitive. This means that you may believe that water to flowing at a higher pressure than it actually is. Low pressure will mean that the water does not reach as far as it should when it is sprayed out of the system. On the other hand, a standard gauge may not detect and display a rise in pressure, which could lead to the pipes and hoses bursting or breaking free from their fixtures.

Modular manifolds

A modular manifold allows you to safely mix various liquids with the water. It consists of three entry points which feature control taps. Each of these entry points feeds into the same pipe. By adjusting each manifold, you can safely introduce water and other liquids into your irrigation system without the risk of a spike in the overall system pressure.

Quick-coupling hose connectors

Quick-coupling hose connectors are made out of brass. When the hose connector is at a 90-degree angle to the value, it is closed. Simply flicking the hose connector down, so it is flush with the valve, will open it and allow water to flow through the hose. Hose connectors make changing from one hose to another hose extremely quick and easy.

Adjustable nozzles

Investing in adjustable nozzles increases the flexibility of your irrigation system. Fixed nozzles will spray liquid in a set pattern. However, if you fit an adjustable nozzle, you can change the spray pattern of each part of your delivery system. For example, you could have one nozzle delivering a large umbrella of fine mist while the other nozzle directs a jet of water. If you would like to find out more about how you can improve your industrial irrigation system, you should contact an irrigation supply company today. 

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