5 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Spot to Place Your Water Tank

If you are investing in a 10,000 litre water tank or any other size of water tank, you need to make several decisions about where you want to place the tank. Here are some questions you need to consider along the way.

1. Under or Above Ground?

First and foremost, you need to decide if you plan to put the tank above the ground or under the ground. Placing the tank under the ground can create a more aesthetically pleasing look, but as that tends to be lower than the spot where the water enters the home, you may need to invest in a pump.

Alternatively, if you have to bring the water tank to another spot to get filled, you need to have it above ground. This also saves you on the cost of digging a hole and buying a pump.

2. Base for Aboveground Tanks?

If you decide to put your water tank above ground, you need to put it on a base. Water is heavy. It weighs one kilogram for every litre. For example, if you have a 10,000 litre water tank, that is 10,000 kilograms of weight sitting on the ground. That can sink into grass or soil.

To support your water tank, you should build a base. That can be a concrete base or a layer of gravel.

3. Raised Platform?

Rather than just doing a standard platform, you may want to consider a raised platform. If you can get your water tank so that it is over the level of where the water enters your home, you don't have to rely on a pump because the tank is gravity-fed into the home.

4. Permanently on a Trailer?

One type of raised platform that can be convenient is to put your water tank permanently on a trailer. This way, if you need to take the tank to a water filling station, it's ready to go and easy to transport. You just need to hook up the trailer to your ute.

5. Sunny Spot?

If you want to heat your water tank with the sun, you may want to find the sunniest spot near your home. Avoid the side of your home that has the most shadows. This type of passive solar heat can help you get warm water for washing or bathing.

To learn more about water tanks, contact a specialist directly. They can help you choose the best tank for your needs.

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