Please Don't Delay Elevator Service

When you have a car lift installed, you start the clock running regarding routine service and maintenance. These are what keep the elevator running smoothly and as quickly as is safe. Delaying or ignoring the service schedule is easy to do but has consequences that affect the operation of the elevator.

A Few Centimetres Make a Huge Difference

When the elevator stops, the level that the car is on should be essentially even with the level it needs to drive onto. There shouldn't be any sort of "step" between the two. If you notice one, you need to have the installer service the elevator quickly. Noticing that there's now a step between the two levels indicates that the elevator either isn't moving as far as it should or is moving too far. If the problem gets worse, it could become difficult to drive the car out of the elevator space, especially if the space is rather compact to begin with.

Slower Speed Affects Your Day and Your Driving

When an elevator is starting to slow down due to issues with the motor, that obviously increases the amount of time it takes for a car owner to retrieve their car. Whether the lift is in a commercial garage or by a residence with little space for parking, the delay in getting the car out can make whoever is waiting more impatient. That has a secondary effect on that person's day and may make them more impatient, which can lead to more reckless driving. Don't assume this will never happen; think about the times you've been delayed and how irritated you've gotten. You want anyone driving those cars, including yourself, to be calm, and a delay in getting out of the garage isn't going to promote that.

Time Makes Service Issues Worse

Maybe the car lift looks and seems to operate just fine right now, and you're thinking you can put off servicing the lift for a bit to save some money. While you do have some leeway regarding when services have to be done, you don't want to delay them for too long. When problems are just beginning, they're often so small that you don't realise something is wrong. That service is an opportunity to find these small issues and arrange for repairs before they become obvious and start affecting the operation of the lift.

If the car elevator you own is due for service, schedule it. Don't put this off because this is one piece of machinery you do not want to let deteriorate.

For more information on elevator service, contact a company near you.

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