Essential Guidelines to Consider When Choosing an Air Cannon for Your Silo

Sometimes, materials can get stuck in your silo and slow down your operations. When this occurs, you need a high-quality air cannon to give the stuck materials a quick air blast. Air cannons are components placed on one side of the silo to facilitate the smooth flow of the materials. When you install these components appropriately, you won't experience blockages in the silo. If you are planning to invest in industrial air cannons, you should select the correct type that will meet your needs. These three guidelines will help you choose the most suitable air cannons for your silo.  

Choose a Suitable Valve System

Air cannons can have either a single valve or multiple valves. The ideal valve system for you depends on how big your silo is. If you have a small silo, a single valve system is suitable for you. Big silos, on the other hand, need a multi-valve system. The valve system allows you to blast streams of air at different lengths at once. That way, the pressure will be enough to stop any materials from sticking to the walls or clogging the system. The multi-valve system also ensures there is at least one stream of air all the time, which is essential when you need to repair one of the valves. 

Decide Between Manual and Automatic 

Some air cannons are automatic, while others are manual. Automatic air cannons release streams of air automatically at particular intervals. For this reason, these machines are costlier than the manual ones. Manual air cannons, on the other hand, require someone to operate them and are cheaper. When considering the ideal air cannon to buy, don't focus on the price alone. It is advisable to learn about the materials you are storing in the silo. Materials like grains are more likely to stick together since they are syrup-based. So, they need constant blasts of air to keep them separated. In such cases, automatic air cannons are the best option.

Analyse the Weight of the Materials

Another element that will affect the type of air cannon you get is the weight of the materials you are storing in the silo. When buying air cannons, you have to look at the pressure rating. If you are moving bulky items like stone chips, you should purchase air cannons with a high-pressure rating. You can also get air cannons with an adjustable pressure rating. That way, you can configure the pressure rating depending on the materials in the silo.

It is advisable to put these things into consideration when shopping for air cannons. 

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