Popular Car Elevator Trends

Car elevators are becoming popular features in luxury apartments. Not only do they add value to a property, but car elevators also enhance the convenience of parking. That said, property owners and developers are selective regarding the contractors they engage in installing car lifts. Given the size and cost of some of the installations, it is easy to understand why property developers prefer to deal with the best car elevator contractors in the business. Therefore, car lift installations should offer value for money. This article highlights car elevator trends that installers can adopt to achieve a competitive edge.

High-Capacity Car Elevators

The early models of car elevators installed in apartments and residential homes have one shortcoming: low capacity. It means that the car lifts cannot accommodate significant weights. Therefore, luxury apartment dwellers and homeowners are forced to leave their cars and either take the stairs or ride a passenger elevator. However, this is an inconvenience, particularly for luxury apartment dwellers living on the uppermost floors. Nonetheless, modern car elevators can comfortably accommodate drivers in their cars. Also, the lifts can easily carry SUVs to the upper floors. Notably, high-capacity car elevators are convenient for apartment dwellers because they don't have to leave their vehicles at any point.

Car Elevator Facades

Car elevators are typically installed at the centre of apartment buildings. While this is the standard design, it is sometimes better to install a car elevator on the façade. Apartment buildings that have car elevators on the facade are often considered more valuable. The reason is that facade installations provide apartment dwellers with a clear view of the landscape when riding to their apartment. Additionally, facade car elevators enhance the aesthetic value of a flat, thereby allowing a property owner to charge a premium.

Car Elevator Cum Lounge

Most property owners who want car elevators also own luxury cars. Therefore, they would jump at the opportunity to turn an elevator into a car lounge where they can display their expensive collection of cars. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the early versions of car elevators since they were enclosed. It is because the apartment design process at the time did not involve car elevator installation contractors. However, things are different nowadays since car lift installers have become a critical part of the property design process. Consequently, it has led to luxury designs that allow apartment dwellers to park their vehicles right inside their homes.

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