Four reasons why your reciprocating air compressor is not working

Compressed air is used to carry out a vast array of heavy duty tasks which would otherwise need a lot of manpower to execute. Air compressors are used by everyone from large to small-scale manufacturers, and they, therefore, need proper maintenance to enhance their durability and efficiency. However, even with the best support, the units do fail from time to time. Timely repair is essential when the machines fail as it will save you from costly replacements. Here are four common reasons for air compressor failure.

Lack of power

The air compressor needs electric power to operate. In case your compressor is not working, start by checking the power supply to confirm that electric current is getting into the unit. The electrical power supply could be interfered with by complications such as a worn out electric cord, problems with the power outlet and blown fuses, among other issues. 

Lack of oil

Many users forget to oil their air compressors regularly. When this happens, the useful life of the compressor starts deteriorating. If you use your air compressor regularly, take time to check the tank every few days to ensure that it has the needed oil. In case the compressor stops working, and the power supply seems fine, the next thing to check should be the oil tank.

Disparity in pressure

The air compressor depends on a precise balance of pressure to operate correctly. When the pressure in the tank is lower than the cut in pressure, the machine might stop working. The simple remedy for this problem is to replace the pressure switch with one whose cut-ins are lower.

Failure of the power switch

For an air compressor to start operating there needs to be a connection between the power switch and the machines inner circuits. When there is a problem which interrupts the circuits, the machine might stop working. In this case, the best solution is to adjust the pressure switch. When the pressure has been rectified the machine will operate correctly.

Most of the times, an air compressor stops working because of the minor and adjustable issue. However, when you have tried these four quick fixes, and the machine still won't power up and operate correctly, it is time to start thinking about getting a reliable technician to do a proper check-up and diagnosis. They are the people who are in the best position to figure out why the machine is not working and the best solution for them.

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