Why you need to check your electric motors

Electric vibrating motors are an important part of many industries. You will find them in sectors as diverse as chemical services, food production, and manufacturing. It is especially in industrial and manufacturing settings that electric vibrating motors have found widespread application. If you have a foundry then you may be using them for producing foundry mouldings, or perhaps you use them to empty hoppers on your production lines, or to assist the flow of products to the next stage of the production process.

Vibrating motors have an especially important function in component assembly factories. Not only are they used to transport bulky components around the plant, they also have a role to play in correctly siting the smaller components such as surface mount ICs. The ICs are fed from their tubes, down the feeder, and into the placement machine through vibration. Once the components reach the machine and have been correctly aligned they can be taken by the placement head and correctly sited on the PCB.

What happens when the electric vibrating motors stop working?

Vibrating motors are an essential part of industrial and commercial life, yet often you may not even realise that they are there. If you run a factory or other business you probably don't spend much time thinking about them. There can seem to be so many other parts of the business that require your attention. Yet, ignoring them would be a serious mistake. If they are not checked regularly and maintained properly faults may go undetected. It is better to have a professional check your electric vibrating motors to ensure that they are working at peak efficiency. If a fault develops and the motor stops functioning it will soon begin to have an impact on your business. Your IC feeders will not work, which may have the effect of halting production on an urgently needed PCB. Even if the rest of the placement machine is fully functional the inability to place ICs would render it useless. The same is true of the electric vibrating motors in your conveyor system. Even if you have all the parts you need to complete your assembly, if you cannot safely transport them around your premises they are useless to you. An electric motor may seem like a small thing, but it is essential that you get them checked, and that you know where to obtain replacements if any are showing signs of wear. Taking precautions now will save your business time and money in the longer-term.

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