Alternatively: When Should You Call for Professional Alternator Repair?

If your motor isn't working correctly, the alternator may be the source of the problem.  They're made of a lot of moving parts, and as any mechanic will tell you, these are the elements that are most likely to come into problems, especially if they're not perfectly maintained.  If you suspect this is the case, it can be frustrating to know where the issue is but not what the issue is, or how to solve it.  Here are the two most common issues that your alternator may be facing to help you decide whether you can tackle the problem yourself, or whether you should call in a specialist.


If your alternator isn't receiving enough power, that's an instant failure.  There could be any number of problems with your alternator's battery, stretching from a lack of charge all the way through to damaged connections blocking the flow of electricity.  The source of these faults can be difficult to diagnose; if something is repeatedly draining the battery, for example, them simply giving it a charge to restart it one time won't actually fix the problem, even if it gets you going again in the short-term.  Besides, messing around with high-voltage power is extremely dangerous.  As such, this is one instance in which you should almost always call in a professional to repair your alternator.

Old Parts

As previously mentioned, alternators are made up of a lot of moving parts, but that doesn't just mean there are a lot of different things that can go wrong.  The 'moving' aspect is an issue too, as inevitably some parts will wear out and eventually need to be replaced, regardless of how well you maintain the alternator.  For example, the bearings in the alternator will wear down over time, and its internal workings will no longer turn smoothly – or may not turn at all.  Replacing those bearings should be an easy fix.  The same can be said of the alternator belt; these become worn very easily, and are simple changes.  Skilled maintenance workers should be able to conduct these repairs.  However, locating the worn bearing can sometimes be tricky; if this is the case, that's when you should call in a professional.

Beyond these two common reasons for failure, alternator faults start getting a lot more complex.  As such, if neither of these categories seems to describe your issue, then you should contact a specialist motor repair company to take a look at your alternator – and do it sooner rather than later, too, even if it still seems to be sort-of working.  Continuing to run the alternator during a fault can seriously exacerbate the damage, and that's the last thing you need.

For more information on alternator repairs, contact a local specialist.

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