Important Details to Remember When Choosing an Industrial Door

The door you choose for your facility's warehouse or production area is very important, as that door needs to keep out intruders and thieves, while also allowing for easy access to the facility for forklift drivers, delivery drivers, and even foot traffic. You have many options available for the door you choose, which is good since it means being able to find the right style and material for your facility, but which can also make the choice a bit overwhelming. To ensure you choose the right industrial door for your building, note a few important details you'll want to remember when making your choice.

Rapid roll

If your facility has forklifts and other vehicles that are always coming in and out of those doors, but you want to keep those doors shut as much as possible in order to keep your building secure, opt for rapid roll doors. As the name implies, these doors open and close very quickly, so that a forklift is less likely to hit the door and the door will close behind the forklift as fast as possible.

Rapid roll doors need to be very lightweight so that they can be opened and closed quickly, but if security is a concern, you may want steel doors. To balance these two needs, opt for doors with a steel core that is surrounded by a lightweight PVC or vinyl exterior. This will give you the security of steel while keeping the door lighter and easier for the motors to manage.

Temperature control

You may need temperature control inside your building in order to protect raw materials, or to protect machinery and equipment from extreme cold outside the building. Temperature control is also good for reducing your utility costs in the building. An insulated door can ensure that the door itself doesn't conduct heat or cold from the outside, and helps to keep your heating and cooling inside the building. An insulated door usually has a foam core that resembles structural insulated panels that are often used to insulate homes, and may also have a vinyl or PVC exterior or skins, as these won't conduct temperature as easily as metal.

Temperature control doors will also typically run along a track that fits inside the doorframe, to help block out drafts, and will have a rubber stopper at the bottom, also keeping out more heat and cold. Rapid roll doors may also help with temperature control, as closing the door quickly will keep out heat or cold and keep in your air conditioning or heating.

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