Top 4 Tips for Hiring Equipment and Tools

Hiring is a good alternative for companies that can't afford to buy equipment for whatever reason. Since different projects require different tools and equipment, it is not financially sound to buy all the machines and tools in the world. If you have never done equipment hire before, here are top tips to help you out;

Always Overestimate Your Time Limit

Though it is wise to schedule every task in a project to ensure it is finished within the shortest time possible, it's also good to consider unavoidable circumstances. Sometimes you may think the project will take less than a month, and then it rains forcing you to take some time off. Most rental companies will ask you how long you want the equipment for and you should always add a week or two on the time limit.

Don't Overestimate the Job

If you are not very experienced in taking on big projects, you can be intimidated an overwhelmed leading you to hire more equipment that you will actually need. Unfortunately, once you hire something and sign the contract, it is not possible to get a refund even if you don't use it. Try to hire one piece of equipment and if you find that you need an extra piece in the course of the job you can hire another one.

Consider Age of the Equipment

Besides the quality of the equipment and the reputation of the rental company, you should also inquire about the age of individual machinery and tools. With age comes problems and the tendency to be less efficient plus older things don't have some features like seatbelts, doors and automatic brakes, so it's crucial that you hire modern equipment.

All-in-one Services

The number one thing you should look for when hiring equipment is quality and value. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting extra services to make your work easier and safer. Some of these services include delivery and pick up after the job is done, maintenance and repair in case the equipment malfunctions in your care and of course a licensed operator.

Hiring equipment is not something that should be taken lightly because it will determine how well your project proceeds. After confirming that the rental company has the pieces you want to hire available during that period, it's critical that you visit them to inspect the equipment yourself. Check that they are running correctly, well maintained and there are no visible issues, but most of all follow your gut.

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