Reasons Why Ordering Car Lifts Should Not Be Rushed

Are you planning to install a car elevator in your residential property? Below are key issues that you should consider when formulating the specifications for that car lift system.

Car length variations

Different models and makes of cars have varying lengths. It is not advisable for you to order a car lift based on the length of the car that you currently own. This is because you may later purchase or lease a car that is larger. It will then become difficult for you to get that longer car into the elevator. Take time to find out the average length of the vehicles made by the different manufacturers in your area. This information will give you guidelines to follow when you are drawing specifications for the new car lift that you wish to install.

Differences in carrier systems

You should also consider the different carrier systems before you order the car lift. Some car lifts have pallets onto which a vehicle is stationed before it is moved to the storage area. Such a carrier system is less susceptible to failure due to having a vehicle that varies from the standard length that was envisaged during the installation of the car lift. However, it is harder to clean the pallets when dirt and road debris carried by cars accumulates on those pallets.

Other car lifts have a dolly onto which a vehicle is placed for onward transportation to the storage area. The dolly has sliding arms that keep the vehicle from moving while in the lift. This system is easier to clean when compared to the pallet system. However, the dolly system is more restrictive in terms of the dimensions of the vehicles that it can carry since the arms operate within a limited range and wheelbase.

Software systems

It is also helpful to explore the different operating systems upon which the car lift runs. Some software allows the user to decide whether to control the system manually or to rely on the control units availed upon installation. Other software systems don't permit such flexibility. Reading the available literature on the different control software systems can help you to select the car lift with the most user-friendly control system.

It is advisable to involve an expert at every stage of the process of selecting a car lift. That professional will explain to you all the technical aspects that are crucial during the selection process. This will save you from making a costly mistake during the purchase process.

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