Commercial Shipping: Specifying Custom Wooden Pallets for a Prolonged Lifespan

Wooden pallets are designed and constructed to support heavy loads during handling and transportation. Therefore, these structures are highly resilient and durable. In ideal circumstances, these products will provide your operation with long-term service. However, you should note that the specific benefits reaped from your wooden pallets will depend on the specification of the unit. Therefore, if you are planning on ordering custom pallets for handling heavy-duty loads, you should ensure that the structures are built for optimal performance. Here are the specifications which are crucial for the increased strength and durability of a wooden pallet. 

Choice of Wood

The specific wood selected for your pallet will determine the strength of the transportation and handling structure. Therefore, you should consider this aspect when ordering your customised products. In general, wooden pallets are manufactured using lightweight softwood lumber from trees like fir and pine. While these are adequate for general loads, they will not last long for heavy-weight merchandise. For the best results, you should choose pallets built using dense hardwood. However, it is essential to remember that the cost will be high. You should also note that there are medium density hardwood products. These are stronger than the softwood alternatives, but the price is lower than that of dense hardwood.

Placement of Boards

The placement of the timber making up the pallet will have an impact on the total strength of the structure. Therefore, you should provide clear specifications when making your order for custom pallets. In general, standard pallets have wide spaces in between the individual lumber pieces. This design is favoured because it is inexpensive in comparison to the alternative. Also, this type of structure is typically sufficient for handling general merchandise. However, if you require more strength for a heavy-duty and durable pallet, you should choose a pallet with closely-placed boards. The lead-edge boards should also be butted together. Additionally, you can request for an increase in the number fasteners. 

Installation of End Protectors

Finally, you should think about having the pallet end protectors installed in your custom structure. These elements are designed as split inhibitors which are placed in the leading edge of the transportation and handling product. These features will stabilise the deck board and prevent premature breakage of the pallet. Even if the pallet is maltreated during the shipping processes, it will remain resilient. 

The process of building or choosing pallets for heavy-duty merchandise can be challenging. Therefore, you should discuss your requirements and expectations with your wooden pallet supplier for ideal results. 

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