Timber Packaging Mistakes that You Need to Avoid in Your Timber Packaging Company

When doing international trade, it is without a doubt that one of the considerations for packaging materials is timber packaging. When shipping products, you are sure of the safety of the goods given that timber packaging is durable, eco-friendly, corrosion free and reusable. However, as a packaging company, these are some of the common mistakes that you need to check and avoid to ensure that you do not lose money during packaging of products.

Coming Up With Own Crates

As a packaging company, you may be tempted to come up with your own timber packaging crates thinking that it is cost-effective. However, it is advisable to outsource timber crates from external suppliers. You need to focus on your main line of business and flourish in it first before overburdening yourself with other work. There are several reasons why you need not come up with your own crates. The process of timber fabrication is mostly complicated requiring a lot of processes and space set aside. You will also need to have more personnel and time to engage in the activities of making the timber packaging materials in-house. To realize maximum productivity, focus on your core business and outsource the remaining services.

Not Requesting for Timber Packaging Materials Upgrade

For you to keep up with the trends in the market, you need to encourage the manufacturing of better versions of timber crates. With upgrades in the packaging materials, you are sure of improved functionality and long stay for most of the timber crates. Some of the upgrades that you may consider are having handles to be used for carrying the packaging materials. Also, you can have link locks and latches in your timber packaging crate to ensure that employees can safely handle the crates. With such improvements, you are sure of spending minimum time in packing and unpacking of your products.

Avoiding Design Specifics and Customization

Never think that all your timber packaging materials should have same bases and design. There is need to allow the experts from the manufacturing companies to make certain designs that will suit the commodities that you are transporting. One such specific design that has to be considered is the type of base that your packaging materials should have. For instance, depending on the goods that you are transporting, you may need to have steel reinforcement to strengthen the bases of your timber crates.

To avoid most of the mistakes, as a timber packaging company, you need to consider having a mutual working relationship with the manufacturer.

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