Issues to Look For During Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic cylinders assist in power steering and lifting of many machines. Whenever you are operating a modern tractor or cultivation equipment, you should be aware that the steering and lifting are assisted by a hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, when you need the most output from your hydraulic cylinder you have to ensure that it is properly functioning and in excellent condition. However, certain instances exist that the hydraulic cylinder may break down hence need of repair. Here are issues to look for during hydraulic cylinder repair.

Assess the Status of the Rods

Rods are significant parts of the hydraulic cylinder and hence during the repair, one should check if it is bent or not. When the rods are bent, the cylinder will not function as required. Bending of cylinder rods happens due to insufficient cylinder rod diameter or having improper length. At times when the rod is not mounted properly, bent may also occur. When the rod seal fails, bending is inevitable. Most seals fail when there is no proper lubrication or in instances where the loading is too much as compared to the capacity.


Before beginning the hydraulic cylinder repair, check on the design of the cylinders. In fact, if you get a professional repair person, they will have several types of equipment in their repair facilities to choose from. Ensure that the cylinder's bore, the length as well as the design type match those of the repair equipment. As a technician, ensure that you are familiar with the design type of the hydraulic cylinder and that you can offer best hydraulic cylinder services that may be required.  Checking the compatibility of the design to the equipment ensures that you do not waste time with wrong tools before making a choice.

Check on The Seals and Bearings used

When doing the hydraulic cylinder repair, ensure that only compatible seals are installed in the device. Compatibility, in this case, includes the proper dimensions of the seals. It is also important to check if the seals are lubricated regularly. Even though seals are small in size, their failure can result in serious damage to your hydraulic cylinder.

Check Friction Level at the Rod

To ensure that you are working with the best load experience, ensure that friction is minimized as much as possible. When the rod is rough, there will be higher friction. Higher levels of friction mean that the power of the machine increases as well as the hydraulic fluid that is used by the machine. In fact, having a rough surface is disastrous as it is likely to result in cylinder damage. To minimize the friction that result, you need to polish the rod regularly to ensure that you have a smooth surface all the time.

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